Private Life Coaching

is available to support young people in practicing skills designed to improve their quality of life. Sessions will include work in making effective choices and accepting accountability.


is a one day program offered to students ages 11-18; designed to teach REAL Tools for the REAL World!


a social/emotional curriculum designed to support students in developing their self-esteem, finding their voice, and helping them create a sense of power and accountability in their lives.


What Our Clients Say

“…I am learning to be more open to getting to know new people and share my feelings and emotions without any boundaries.  I am also learning to listen and not judge people so quickly and harshly.  I am learning to learn.”

– Jeremiah

“Ms. Roy, you showed me a lot about myself.  You taught me to look deeper inside other people than what is just on the outside and that has helped me have a better relationship with people I know and new people.”

– Devony

“I am learning to be confident about myself in R.E.A.L.  I am learning to be more open about my thoughts and not to be as shy.”

– Callie

“My life is different now after taking the REAL class at Acadiana in that I realize that it is ME that chooses the way I live my life and I choose acceptance and hope.”


“I learned about being vulnerable and what it really means.  I’ve always heard this word and never knew what it meant until now.”


“It’s reassuring to know that I am not alone and I’m not the only person who feels how I do.”


“I learned that everyone has a voice and wants to be heard.”