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About Us

Let's Get R.E.A.L.

R.E.A.L. Education & Outreach was created as a high school elective for juniors and seniors and has been taught at Acadiana High, Northside High and Comeaux High schools in Lafayette, Louisiana for the past 6 years. R.E.A.L. offers programs designed for young people to develop and implement social/emotional skills in their lives at home and on their campuses. It’s a curriculum taught in schools that teach teens how to react to situations that could get them into trouble.

The Mission of R.E.A.L. Education & Outreach is to support young people in practicing skills designed to improve their quality of life. The practices and processes are focused on the following core values:


What We Do

We are the creators of  Reality Check - a one day retreat designed to teach creative teens approaches to eliminate bullying and other forms of discrimination at their schools. It’s peer lead but driven by our qualified staff of life-long educators. Reality Check is done in a retreat style at the school and includes team building exercises and activities that encourage open communication.

The goal of the entire day is to, Build Confidence, Improve Self-Esteem, Increase Leadership Skills, Stop Bullying, Make Good Choices and Develop Better Relationships. Our program creates a safe and fun environment where young people learn through demonstration and by doing.  

R.E.A.L. Reality Check is designed with fun activities and practices that offer students an opportunity to enhance their confidence, their communication abilities, and their relationship skills. REALITY-CHECK helps students to effectively meet life’s challenges. 

We are active at all schools located in Lafayette Parish!