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Welcome to the R.E.A.L. Education & Outreach Blog. Let's work on what gets in your way.

Who is OK to Bully?

Brittney McZeal

This week, a toughened statewide ban on bullying at schools received final passage with a unanimous Senate vote.  From what I read about this bill, it will hold teachers and administrators more accountable than ever with reporting bullying incidents on campus.  This is hopeful!  What I also read was: “the bill doesn’t spell out that harassment and bullying would not be allowed because of a person’s characteristics including sexual orientation and gender identity.”  This is disappointing! The conservative Louisiana Family Forum, LFF seems to have a problem with these characteristics by thinking that it’s promoting a “gay agenda” in schools.

So…is it ok bully these excluded students?  I guess the bill is written for stereotypical bullying targets on campus such as:  the non-jocks, non-cheerleaders, “nerds”, overweight kids, underweight kids, short kids, tall kids, blue kids, green kids…….etc.  If you dare to bully these kids then you will have consequences, finally!  If you are gay, bisexual, or transgender you are unprotected because according to groups such as Louisiana Family Forum, you are promoting a “gay agenda”.  What is a “gay agenda” anyway?  I know what it is NOT.

It’s not:

1.) The “gays” are taking over the world.

2.) The “gays” are recruiting my kids for a gay army led by Ellen and JC Penney.

3.) The “gays” are annihilating the nuclear family.

4.) The “gays” try to make people as uncomfortable as possible.

I also believe that there is no such thing as a “gay agenda”, although the jokes made about it are quite funny thanks to Conan and Kimmel.  I do believe that the Louisiana Family Forum's opposition to specific types of bullying perpetuates teen suicides with their narrow minds and outlandish views. The message of exclusivity that they are sending does nothing to encourage acceptance or compassion in our schools.

It is time to do the right thing and protect all students.  Let us be aware that the darkest example of bullying here is the agenda to exclude gay students from the protection of this positive piece of legislation.   Focus on the human agenda, that all men are created equal.